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Birthdate:Mar 12
Autor is an assemblage of hard angles smoothed by a navy-blue blazer. Short, skinny, and meticulously groomed, he's eighteen years old. According to general consensus, he gives off the impression of a grumpy kitten. He will almost always have a book or teacup in hand, and smells of ink, tea, and wood oil. He also carries a sylladex, a portable inventory system gifted to him by Karkat.

A fast learner, Autor is a Jack-of-All-Trades and a master of none. Due to spending more time in the Academy library than he ever did at home, he has an extensive knowledge of myths, stories, and trivia. As a pianist, he's decent--but not the best, so he'll play certain songs obsessively until he has no cause to fear imperfection. He speaks and writes five languages.

He can cook very well, but only recipes which he recreates again and again before determining them to be passable. The boy has picked up a love of chemistry, which he immediately used to make explosives--and he was very, very lucky not to have blown his hand off. He also writes down his impressions of people to make better sense of them.

He's a fabulous editor but an awful writer and poet, primarily because he understands logical processes, not emotional truths.

Special Note
Autor is canon-punctured to the point where he believes that the bar itself is a reference continuously being written. His canon-mate Duck is not as of this writing, so please ask first. He loves discussions about meta and the agency of fictional characters, and will actively try not to canon puncture other pups. Please contact me via PM or email should you have concerns! I am never offended should a mun or pup choose to quick-fade or drop a thread, and slowtimes are love.

Autor is from Princess Tutu, which is the property of Ikuko Itoh. The character appears here solely for the purpose of role-playing in [community profile] milliways_bar, from which no profit whatsoever is made.

Interests (8):

correcting ancient manuscripts, guarding goldkrone town, perfecting the craft of writing, playing herr sixtus dietrich compositions, reading the prince and the raven, ruling the world, supervising the library, tracking herr drosselmeyer

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